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COVID-19 Update

Dear guests,

Keeping up with the latest information regarding the spread of the virus SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 disease in our country, we would like to inform you about the measures taken by our hotel concerning our personnel, with a high sense of responsibility, to protect our guests and our employees.

In particular, the following actions have been performed and measures have been taken, on the basis of both the crisis management procedure and the COVID-19 risk assessment that was held:

  • We enrolled in POSI SHIELD initiative which is a program for infection prevention and control that consists of the creation of hygiene and operation protocols, enforcement of personal protective equipment use, personnel training, creation of Prevention Team and introduction of POSI efficiency validation procedure.
  • All personnel is trained in preventive measures and new operational standards according to our set protocols.
  • We have ceased physical meetings in our offices with suppliers - partners and if possible the meetings are carried out via technical means (Skype, Teams, etc.)
  • Access to non-employees of the hotel has been forbidden only critical suppliers (e.g. technicians), are allowed to enter the hotel with controlled access. In specific truck drivers do not enter the hotel building in any case. Documents are received and delivered to them using disposable gloves.
  • Hand sanitizers have been added to all areas of the HOTEL at key points for guests and personnel, especially those that are relatively remote from hand wash sinks.
  • Enhanced the frequency of cleaning and disinfection has been increased, with a greater emphasis on co-working spaces (toilets, changing rooms, staff cafeteria, meeting rooms, offices, etc.) but also on common equipment (scanners, computers, switches, desks, photocopiers, etc.).
  • We turned the cleaning of guest rooms into an option in the selection
  • We carry out room air-condition filters sanitation before every arrival
  • We introduced changes in our restaurants, buffets, in-room dining in order to meet distance keeping requirements
  • Reduced paper amenities in the guest rooms and reception

We developed a stay home procedure and our employees are encouraged not to come to work in case of perception of symptoms alike COVID-19 and to communicate with our doctor.

      • All employees were reinformed of best personal hygiene practices (handwashing, coughing sneezing on tissues to be discarded or at least on elbows, non-contact of hands with face, avoiding sharing objects).
      • We created and keep safety stock in personal protective equipment and cleaning chemicals
      • Finally, we keep traceability control of all employees on a daily bases.

What to Expect During Your Stay. Our zest to offer you a great stay is at the highest level, in addition to that your safety is our highest priority.  We are constantly following the latest local guidelines and global prevention best practices. We are ready to offer you a great stay but we need your cooperation in terms of Social Distancing.

Social Distancing is a required practice in our hotels' public settings. We’ve rearranged our lobby and other common areas to help in this direction. So, please be mindful of other guests and keep a 2-meter distance.

Masks and Other Protective Equipment. Our personnel wears masks while in public areas. There are places in our community you may need to apply for face protection.  We recommend bringing one with you. Or ask for one from our hotel’s front office.

Hotel Services and Amenities. For your safety, some services or amenities such as pool, spas, fitness centers, restaurants and daily housekeeping may be modified or suspended occasionally. You will be constantly informed.

Illness management. For your safety, our hotel reserves the right to ask for COVID-19 diagnostic testing upon arrival or during his stay according to the sampling plan or if contagious disease symptoms appear. In cases where sickness occurs during the stay, please notify the Front Desk staff.  A specialised health care professional will attend you. In the case of serious sickness, you may be requested to receive appropriate health care from a nearby healthcare facility. During epidemics, we are entitled to employ precautionary measures within our judgment or as required by local authorities.

We are constantly following developments in the subject, the instructions of the relevant authorities of the state, ready to take immediate additional precautionary actions.

Reasons to feel safe while staying in our property:

            • Chalkidiki is a safe destination
              If you come from a neighboring country, you can easily visit Chalkidiki by car, which is also a safe way to travel. Finally, Chalkidiki is 80 km away from Thessaloniki city, a key medical destination
            • Well laid out areas with ample facilities
              The hotel is well laid out in a large area with ample facilities decreasing overcrowding. You can leisure in 8 swimming pools, 6 bars and enjoy your meal in 2 main restaurants with comfort and safety.  Have a glance: Hotel's Map
            • Private and safe stay
              At Aegean Melathron and Thalasso spa Hotel, you can feel that you are vacationing in a private zone away from the crowds. The two main buildings and the numerous bungalows allow social distancing, offering a more private and safer stay.

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